A B2E Solution

Issue: A Fortune 500 company needed a system to collect benefit open enrollment elections from their active and retired employees. It had to be simple to use, support complex business rules, share data with their mainframe environment, and interface with an outside customer service firm.

Solution: A system offering both web and telephone enrollment was designed and developed with a simple-to-follow interface for participants. Behind the scenes, data was shared between the mainframe system and an Oracle database. Complex processing was implemented to determine and process enrollment options, contribution amounts, participant elections and dependent information. Outside customer service was supported with a web interface for real-time viewing and updating of participant elections and data files for generating election confirmation letters.

AtomicSource consultants worked with the customer to define the business requirements, prepared the technical requirements and resource allocation, managed the project, developed the shared procedures and the web system and worked with company resources for IVR and mainframe processing.

Services/Technologies: Business Analysis, Project Management, Cold Fusion Programming, Javascript Programming, Oracle Database Design & Development, Oracle PL/SQL Programming, Graphic Design.